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You have insulated your walls and ceilings and now is the time to insulate your windows.

Here at Solarize Window Insulators, we are all about energy savings and customer satisfaction. It is amazing what a difference the correct window shade can do for energy consumption. It used to be that when you closed your shades you had to sacrifice your views outside. Windows were designed to let natural light in and visibility out but with older shades you would lose both with shades drawn.

Solarize Window Insulator’s shade fabrics and materials changes that. Our shades allow you to see outside and have natural light with the shades drawn. Natural light can be damaging to furniture, flooring and artwork but our shades block as much as 80% of UV rays and glare. The sun’s glare can be blinding and obtrusive if you are trying to watch TV or work on computers but our shades will cut the glare and still allow natural light in and visibility out. Our shades also provide daytime privacy so people outside cannot see into your home during the day and once again you can still see out. Many people have second homes or are gone all day and our shades will keep people from seeing the contents of your home through your windows. Our shades could be a deterrent of break-ins since no-one can see in.

Our SUN SHADES fabrics come in many colors and reduce heat gain in the summer and cold drafts off windows in the winter. Our INFLECTOR material is a solid material that reduces heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. They are perfect for older windows and skylights. Before you even think about replacing structurally sound windows, please give us a call to discuss our energy efficient INFLECTOR shades or panels. Our LOW-E material is a certified GREEN material that is also reversible and is great for skylights and all windows. Both our INFLECTOR and LOW-E materials are reversible to reflect heat gain in the summer and capture heat gain and reduce heat loss in the winter.

Our PRODUCT APPLICATIONS page has examples of our shades, panels and vertical blinds. Each window in the photos has our shades or panels installed but because of the visibility through the shades or panels, some windows look as though there is nothing in the windows when in fact there is.

Skylights can be a problem for many reasons. They can make rooms very hot in the summer and the heat loss in the winter can be substantial. We roll our fabrics into fixed frames and place them in the skylight openings so they become a part of the window. They block the glare, greatly reduce the heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter but still allow visibility outside.

We custom make ALL our shades or fixed panels for windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, French doors, and odd shaped windows. Our customers are amazed at the energy savings and or temperature comfort level our shades and panels provide. Times are tough in this economy and every dollar spent and saved is important. Our customers are very pleased with their decision to invest in our custom made shades and love the difference in the temperatures of their homes in both the summer and winter after our shades or fixed panels have been installed.

Please read some of our customer TESTIMONIALS. We measure make and install our shades so you can relax and enjoy them or you also have the option of measuring the windows and we can make and ship our shades or panels to you. Our MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS page provides information on how to measure your windows properly.