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Our sun shades will help keep your home cooler in the summer, reduce cold drafts from windows in the winter and will save your furniture and flooring from fading all year. They help reduce the sun’s glare as well without losing your view.

Alkenz SUNSHADOW® roller shades are quickly becoming a best seller for our business. They are GREENGUARD certified which means they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The average consumer is not aware that several window fabrics have off gassing when the sun hits them but Alkenz SUNSHADOW® fabrics are one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics on the market which is why we have chosen to make our shades with this fabric. The fabrics help contribute to good air quality in living and work environments which is another reason why the fabrics are CHILDREN & SCHOOL GREENGUARD certified. The fabrics come in a multitude if colors and open factors which help reduce glare and damaging effects of the sun such as fading of furniture, flooring and artwork. They reduce solar loading (heat gain) in living areas in the summer and reduce window drafts in the winter to help keep a more even room temperature.

Alkenz SUNSHADOW® Roller shades offer a stylish and modern aesthetic for home and work environments. The fabrics allow visibility through your windows so you will not lose your views. They provide daytime privacy so people cannot see in from the outside but you can see out from the inside. Alkenz SUNSHADOW® not only offers unmatched design and comfort, but also has the most technically advanced and highest durability factor of any coated yarn in the industry. The fabrics have a LIFETIME warranty against fading and wear. They are easily cleaned and we offer some fabrics for outdoor use to help stop glare for outdoor porches or boats too. We can also roll the fabric into fixed frames for skylights or odd shaped windows such as trapezoidal.

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