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Product Applications

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are our most popular window application. The roller shades are raised or lowered with a chain mechanism; they are hung on a heavy duty metal bracket and have a weighted hem bar. Precise instructions are included with each rollers shade. Photos below are some of our Roller Shade installations.

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Holiday Windows with Roller ShadesKitchen Window with Roller ShadeDen Window with Roller Shade


Verticals may be installed so as to be stored left or right, as well as a center draw for storage to each side. We provide quality hardware for the verticals and in the event you have existing hardware we may very well be able to use it for our verticals, saving you the cost of the mounting hardware. The Verticals are easily reversed for the different seasons by simply turning the head rail control wand. They may also be easily stored for those days when neither heating or cooling conditions are required. Photos below are some examples of our Vertical installations.

Vertical Blinds by Solarize Window Insulators of Arundel MEVertical Blinds by Solarize Window Insulators of Arundel ME

Fixed Panels

The primary application for the fixed Panels are for Single Pane drafty windows and skylights. Other great applications for the panels are for French doors and odd shaped windows such as trapezoid. We have different methods of attaching panels so they can easily be removed and reversed for the different seasons. Photos below are of some Panel installations.

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Outside Doors with Fixed PanelsSkylights using fixed panelsFitness center using fixed panels in their upper windows to reduce glare. Notice the difference in the glare on the floor between the upper and lower windows