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InFlector Info

SOLARIZE WINDOW INSULATORS is a certified manufacturer and master distributor of the INFLECTOR® Window Insulators in the Northeast.

InFlector Windows by Solarize Window Insulators of Arundel ME

Why you should consider the INFLECTOR Window Insulators?

Glass windows are the weakest energy link in every building envelope; single pane glass has an R value of less than 1 and thermo pane windows have an R-Value of less than 3. Most importantly, glass windows by themselves are not able to compensate for cold conduction loss and capture solar heat gain at the same time, or reduce solar heat gain in the warm months. The Solarize Insulated Window will address these year round climate issues. You simply position the inflector so as to capture solar energy when you want it, or reflect it away when it’s not desired and in either position you also reduce solar glare and reduce UV damage by over 90%.

Windows are designed to allow natural light in and for the occupants to see out. Many studies have proven adverse effects for building occupants if windows are blocked. A Solarize Window Insulator is translucent, so you can save energy 24/7 and yet still enjoy your views.

What Is The Inflector® Product?

Winter Thermal Heat ChartThe see through inflector product is a patented process of an aluminum coated polyethylene sheet which is laminated to a sheet of carbon graphite, that is then perforated and laminated to a sheet of clear polyester.

The unique benefit of the inflector products is that each side of the inflector material provides different benefits for different parts of the country, in different climates and in all seasons.

The metallic or shiny side of the inflector is the primary energy part. Using the radiant heat principal, this shiny side is positioned facing inwardly during the heating season and outwardly during the warmer or summer seasons. Tests have proven that when positioned inwardly  inward in heating seasons, it will perform as a thermal barrier, keeping your heated room temperature from being cooled against the cold glass. It does this by reflecting your rooms’ heat away from it’s surface. In summer seasons the metallic side is positioned outwardly to reflect the suns’ energy or heat gain away from the inside of the building.

The dark non-reflective side of the inflector, when facing outward in the heating season, will absorb the suns’ energy and transfer it into the heated room, in essence becoming a passive solar collector.

What the Solarize Inflector System will do:

  • Becomes a thermal barrier between the cold window temperature and your room temperature.
  • Stabilizes inside temperatures, which improves overall comfort and reduces heating/cooling costs.
  • In cold climates, the inflector becomes a passive solar heat source for all windows facing the sun which will provide free heat on sunny days. In the summer, you simply reverse the inflector to keep solar heat out and make your rooms cooler and more comfortable.
  • Reduces solar and reflective glare & blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays.
  • See through material keeps rooms bright by allowing natural light inside.
  • Inflector will improve the energy performance of a single pane window by over 70%!
  • Inflector will improve the energy performance of a double or insulated glass window by over 40%!!

Windows are the weakest link in any buildings energy performance!


Infrared heat loss image for window without Solarize Window InsulatorThis infrared image was taken on a day when the outside temperature was 48°. The right side (point 1) shows the cold 57° glass, (point 2 & 3) shows the inside temperature of the inflector material, (point 4) shows the inside wall temperature at 65°. The inside thermostat was set at 69°. Notice how the inflector material temperature is slightly above the inside temperature of the insulated wall, demonstrating the extraordinary thermal barrier performance.

Infrared heat loss image for window with Solarize Window InsulatorThis infrared images shows the inflector material installed on a double hung window that the sun is shining on. Notice the wall temperature at 72.9° and the solar gain temperature on the inside of the inflector is 112°, providing 39° of added heat to this room. The outside temperature on this day was 24°.

Once you install an inflector panel on your sun exposed windows, you will have added heat when the sun shines and by simply reversing the panel in the summer, you reflect the solar heat away from your living space.

Solarize Window Insulators strives to provide energy saving solutions for all types windows.

Check out these You Tube Videos that help explain the way the INFLECTORS work in your windows and skylights.