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“We would be honored if you used pictures of our windows!  We are *so* pleased with our shades and window panels; they make a huge difference in the temperature of our living room.  And I love that I still have my beautiful view!!  Thank you for your fantastic product and excellent service!”

 – Sarah, Harrison Maine

“Many thanks Lisa. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Inflectors and noticed a difference right away. Great product.”

– Jim, Fryeburg Maine

“This is to let you know we are very happy with our InFlector shades.  It was the best investment we ever made.  We have no trees and are in the hot sun all day.  During the summer the house stayed a comfortable 68 to 70 degrees until about 4:30 to 5 PM but never got much over 70 in the house.  Not bad for no shade.  You could feel no heat coming through the shades.  Now that winter is upon us it is paying off as we only used 62 gallons of oil in 3 months.  Unheard of for us so close to the Canadian border. When others had their furnace on day and night, ours was off.  The furnace rarely runs for heat and we did not use the air conditioner at all this summer.  I was surprised how at how quickly you came to measure, made the shades and had them up so we missed all that hot July and August heat cooking us.  And now with the cool nights we have no drafts from the windows.  Thank you for a job well done.  Wish I had known about you a long time ago.  It would have saved us a lot of money not using the air conditioner and no oil.”

Sincerely, Judy of Colebrook New Hampshire

“Strawbery Banke Museum needed to bring sustainable practices to our 37 historic buildings. These practices have to be sympathetic to our mission of historic preservation. Solarize Inflector shades are a type of technology that wonderful achieves this goal. The ability to keep the room interiors cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while not damaging the historic fabric of the interior or impacting the visual appearance of the house exterior make this a perfect addition to this historic neighborhood.”

– Rodney D. Rowland
Director of Special Projects and Facilities
Strawbery Banke Museum

“Wanted to report the good news. I keep my heat at 60.  Usually in the morning the main room is down to 58. This morning it was at 63- that is a 5 degree difference w/o sun!! Very exciting.  I’m happy with the shades already! Please tell your boss the good news. I can’t wait to see what happens when we get some sun….”

Thanks again,

-Monica, Searsmont Maine

“I am happy to say that the shades did live up to the claims. I was able to use my sunroom without running the AC continuously this past summer, and was the only one in my neighborhood able to enjoy living without being closed off from having an outside view. Prior to having them installed

I felt like I was living in a tent unable to see outside. I especially liked the fact that my furnishings are now protected from sun fading and enjoy the privacy of no one being able to see in.  I was so pleased with their performance that I later had them installed in the living room as well. Now with the weather turning cold I would be unable to use the “sunroom” apart from having the solar shades. The expenditure was a win / win situation for me.”

Thanks for being true to your word. Something that is far too

rare these days.


– Elaine, Rollinsford NH

“Congratulations on an incredible energy efficient product. What a difference it has made indoors with the temperatures. For the first time in years I enjoyed my living room even with temps in the 90’s. (no a/c for me) No need to crank up the heat in the winter, I have noticed at least a 4 degree increase in temperatures indoors during the colder weather since installing your product. If you won’t do it for the house, do it for yourself… you’ll never regret it NEVER!!!!”

-Susan, Brunswick ME

“Superb Product! It is Sunday evening about 5:30. We’ve had the panels in for about four hours now and the difference is incredible. A cool drafty room now feels tighter, warmer and infinitely more comfortable. We are sold!”

-Michael and Kathleen, Cumberland ME